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When you visit our Clermont, Florida chiropractic care office, you will receive 1-on-1 time with Dr. JP Silvera – in the privacy of your own treatment room. You will never be pressured into a long-term agreement. And we will always respect your choice for care. JP Silvera, DC is a graduate with Honors from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. His Doctorate is in Chiropractic Medicine. He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from the University of Hartford in West Hartford Connecticut. Learn more about Dr. Silvera on his chiropractic blog. Get help from one of the best chiropractors in Clermont FL.

Doctors Note

As we all know the current healthcare model is changing, we are moving towards a conservative wellness care model for healthcare. What does that mean for patients (YOU)? It means procedures that were once covered and easily authorized are now being denied and revoked.What does that mean for the Providers(DOCTOR)? It means treatments that were effective will not be covered due to price in exchange for less effective treatments that will probably provide temporary or no relief.

Understanding this information we the health care providers will recommend treatments that sometimes may not covered, but have shown positive results are going to end up being the patient’s responsibility.

The reason I am writing this note is to educate current and future patients know: Insurance does not cover the services that it used to. Call your insurance company today to find out your coverage. A lot of the insurance deductibles today are so high you may never met them in 1 years time frame. Sometimes the cash rate is the better choice.

-Dr. Silvera DC

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We all know accidents do happen. Get help from our state of the art Clermont FL Accident Center. Dr. Silvera is one of the top car accident doctors in Clermont FL. Get the chiropractic care you need at a price you can afford from a car injury care provider. The number one choice for chiropractic care Clermont Fl!

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